Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! +Something exciting to share!

Hey guys! (if anyone's left..?!)

I know I haven't been around much...or at all actually. In almost an entire year...that's crazy! I haven't been holding out on you guys, I actually haven't done any scrapbooking since last February. :(

I'm a little sad about it but hey, life happens. My family came into some financial struggles (our car was stolen right out of our driveway) and I had to take on a second job. In retail....oh god. I actually had two different retail jobs last year and hated them both. So much in fact that I am inspired to go back to school! So I suppose some good came out of it.

So I quit my second job, things have calmed down a little. I will be of course still be doing in home care taking care of my mom and also going to school online. With school being self paced and on my own time I am hoping to also carve out some time to get back to what I love: scrapbooking.

Peace & love.