Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I finally just finished the page I've been working on for about the last two weeks. Ok well I started it two weeks and hadn't touched it again until now. Me scrapbooking while its still daylight outside, can you imagine?
I made the background by using alcohol inks on white cardstock. I took a piece of tan cardstock and freehand cut out a square with my craft knife and then painted the edges white.

The pictures are of my sister playing around at a local park last year sometime.
So like I said I had started this page a while ago...I made the title by painting plain chipboard with acrylic paint and then adding glitter. When I went to glue it on today I was missing half of the 'U'. I was freaking out tearing everything apart on the table looking for it and yelling that everything was ruined and that I was never gonna scrapbook again when my sister calmly said "can I have all your stuff then?" and then "just stick a big butterfly on it."

Whew, I don't have to quit scrapbooking ;)

Close up of the flower cluster:
Can you tell which two I made?

Peace and love :)

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