Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 8-11 Sketch Challenge

So I've decided I need to start a blog so I can play along with the sketchy thursdays challenges....and other things too I'm sure. I also like the idea of sharing/ talking about my scrapbook pages because it's something I'm very passionate about...I just don't know if anyone else will care hahah.

This is a page I created for the 8-11 sketchy thursday sketch challenge. I had a few problems with this one lol at first I was trying to make it look more like the actual sketch but realized my pictures were a bit too big...but making it your own is what it's all about, right? Then when I went to put on the 'christmas' title one of the rhinestones fell off so I reached for my glossy accents since I keep hearing it works amazingly as a glue. I accidently dripped a little on the lower red circle and thought 'no big deal, I'll just make the whole thing glossy' but when I went to squeeze some more out the lid came off and almost half the bottle flew out all over my page, table, pants, AND floor. I panicked for about ten seconds and then started to wipe away the extra with a paint brush (saving the page came before my table, pants, or floor of course hahah) So anyways I ended up having to make the whole bottom half glossy, and adding the gold ribbon to cover up a little that had leaked onto the pictures. *siiiiigh* I'll stick to my regular glue from now on.

The pictures are of my mom, sister, and I christmas of 2009. Mom was opening a peace sign necklace she had been wanting, Michelle's holding a tinkerbell doll, and I had just opened 'The Secret Garden', I loooove that movie!

I'm working on another page right now as well as making some flowers. I need to make some birthday cards considering it's my grandma's, sister's, AND mom's birthday all next week hahah. It's hard to get anything done with a new puppy in the house, but hopefully another post later tonight, or tomorrow. Peace and love :)

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