Monday, January 14, 2013

Wall Hanging

Hey everyone, I'm here with something a little different to share this week. I got my prima grab bag in the mail a couple days ago and was VERY excited. One of the things I got was a prima "build a book" front & back cover. I wasn't really in the mood to start a mini album so I decided to use one of the covers to make a wall hanging instead.

Since I didn't want anyone to be able to see the wall through the red cover I started by covering the back using a piece of prima cardstock. I made sure to put my adhesive where it would be covered by the photo later. I cut around the edges with my craft knife.

The next step was to tie some ribbon on so it had something to hang on & cover up the 'extra' holes. I did so by glimmer misting a doily to match my piece and trimming off the extra.

After that I could decorate & embellish like usual, here's a few close ups:

The red backing, red flower, red crystals, and cream colored ribbon are all Prima.
Thanks for looking!
Peace & love.

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  1. stopped by today to see your submission to be apart of the SinCity Scraps Design Team